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FREE Lion Prowler Power Bank

$49 Value
Lion Energy Prowler Power Bank
When you pay your deposit within 5 days of receiving your quote.

FREE Lion Summit Power Generator (665Wh)

$499 Value
Lion Energy Summit Power Generator
When you pay in full within 30 days of making your deposit.

We provide you a custom solar kit and instructions so you can install solar yourself!

Us vs Traditional Solar

We cut out the middlemen, saving you $1,000's compared to traditional solar!

DIY Solar LogoSolar engineering and design work
$2.75 - $3.50 / watt
BackofficeTraditional solar
* Don't pay for this shit!
ArrowSolar has lots of middlemenSolar engineering and design workBackoffice
Solar panels and solar rackingArrowDoor-2-door solar salesSolar panels and solar rackingSolar install crews
$1.30 - $1.55 / watt
With Government Incentives

DIY or Full Install

The majority of Americans can install our DIY solar kits. But if you aren't feeling up to it, one of our trusted partners can do it for you. The best part is, we will still be cheaper than than national average!

Man installing solar panels.

Our Simple Process

We get you your solar system quickly. We will give you a quote and designs, then you just get the permits and install.

Step 2 in our processInstall: We then ship you your solar kit and you start the install process. And don't worry, we will give you the resources you need to get it done right!Get a Quote: Take 60 seconds to fill out our quoting form and we will let you know how much your system will cost.

Solar is a great investment

Lock in your energy prices with solar and save money for years to come. Though it is an upfront investment, the majority of people who install solar themselves get a better return on their money than the stock market, bonds, or real estate can provide.

DIY Solar has a 15.4% ROI, higher than the stock or bond market.

Have questions? Want a quote? Text with us!

Fill out a few pieces of information and we will text you soon!


Are there financing options?

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Yes, we have recently partnered with a national lender who can provide qualified buyers financing for their DIY solar project! Text with us to get more detail.

How easy is it to install?

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We believe that the majority of Americans can install our solar kits. If you know how to operate a drill and understand basic electrical safety, you should have minimal issues. And don't worry, if you get stuck, we have video resources ready for you. (Full install option available in many states.)

Is there a full install option? (i.e., someone else installs it for me)

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Depending on your state, the answer is yes! We are now starting to offer a white-glove, full install option where a professional install crew comes and installs it for you. And the great thing is, we will still be about 25% cheaper than the national average since we don't have door-to-door sales reps or other middlemen!

What does the process with DIY Solar look like?

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It starts by you filling out our simple (and free) quote form. We will then use that information to size your solar kit and produce a quote. Once you accept your quote, we will ask for a deposit of $600 to do the engineering and design which will require only a few inputs from you. Once that is back and checked for errors, you will pay 50% of your total cost while you go through the permitting processes with your city. Once completed and approved, you will make your final payment and we will ship you the kit for you to install.

How is my solar system sized?

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We take into consideration several factors to size your solar system, including your home's longitude, your average power usage, the angle of your roof, and your proximity to trees. We do not need all this information to produce a quote though. Our default is to offset 100% of your home's power usage through the solar system.

What federal and state incentives are there?

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Great news! The federal government just approved new tax incentives for installing solar. 30% of your solar system will be covered by the federal government. This comes in the form of a tax credit that will offset taxes owed to the federal government and can roll over to the next year if it is larger than your tax liability. It is not a rebate or a refund, however.

As for the state tax incentives, they vary from state to state but can take the form of a tax credit (as high as 25% in some cases) against your state taxes or a rebate.

How do I compare quotes across companies?

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What you should really be looking at is the price per watt. This is a fairly universal way to baseline quotes (unless they are using sh*tty equipment). If they don't give it to you explicitly, you take the cost of the entire system (plus installation fees) and divide it by the total number of watts the system is estimated to produce. For example, if you are quoted $35,000 for a 10kW system (that's 10,000 watts), then you are paying about $3.50 per watt (btw, DIY Solar is much lower than this!).

Also note whether or not the price is quoted with or without federal and state incentives. We try to make it very clear when we are quoting with federal and tax incentives factored in.

Why is DIY Solar so much cheaper?

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That's exactly the question you should be asking. Better yet, why are others so expensive?! The reason is that traditional solar companies (we like to call them "BIG solar") have so many middlemen that need to get paid. These include the door-to-door sales reps that annoy the hell out of you, big installation crews, and other middlemen that pass along deals for a markup. That means a much bigger cost on you, and it's simply ridiculous in our minds.

What materials does DIY Solar use?

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We don't skip on quality when it comes to our equipment. You will get black on black monocrystalline panels (monos) that come with a 25 year warranty provided by the manufacturer. This warranty means they are guaranteed to produce at least 80% of their rated output at the 25 year mark, and are likely to continue to produce for many more years to come.

Give it to me strait. About how much is this going to cost?

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Our average US customer requires a 10kW system in order to offset 100% of energy usage. A basic 10kW system without additional adders will cost you about $12,000 after government incentives ($19,000 before incentives). Of course, it depends on the incentives of your state and you will need to get a quote in order to get a more accurate estimate.