DIY Solar Kits: Unlock Affordable Energy

September 26, 2023


Like us, you probably discovered that the more you talked with a solar sales bro, the more sleezy the whole solar industry seems. There are hidden fees, giant commissions, and a lack of transparency that just shouldn’t exist in the modern age of the internet.

Because of all these issues with traditional solar sales and installation, more and more people are turning to DIY kits to go green.

You might think “Wait, I can install solar from a kit?!”

Yes. Yes you can. And you probably should.

Here’s why...

Section 1: The Hidden Costs of Traditional Solar

1.1 Sales Commissions:

When opting for conventional solar installations, homeowners unknowingly contribute to the hefty commissions pocketed by sales representatives. These commissions are a substantial component of the overall expense and are often disproportionate to the service provided, rendering solar installations unnecessarily costly.

1.2 Middlemen and Their Markups:

Traditional solar projects usually involve multiple intermediaries, each marking up the deal to skim a profit. This layering of costs drastically inflates the final price the customer has to pay, creating a financial barrier for many potential solar adopters.

1.3 Installers’ Margin:

Beyond commissions and middlemen markups, installation companies also impose significant margins, further raising the overall investment required for solar installations. The cumulative effect of these added costs is a steep, often discouraging, price tag for those considering the transition to solar energy.

Section 2: The DIY Solar Solution

Embarking on a DIY solar installation journey cuts out the unnecessary, enabling prospective solar energy users to bypass the financial strains associated with conventional methods. This approach puts homeowners in the driver's seat of the entire installation process, making solar energy a more tangible reality for many.

With DIY Solar, the path to installing your own solar kit looks like this:

1. Assessment & Planning:

We evaluate your energy needs and consumption patterns, assess roof space, and determine solar potential to plan the scale of the project appropriately. Careful planning ensures optimal efficiency and utilization of the solar setup, aligning it perfectly with your individual energy requirements.

2. Engineering and Designs:

We have you send us pictures of your home and electric connections. With this, we can get professional engineering and design work tailored to your home.

3. Permitting:

We help you navigate through local regulations and obtain the required permits and approvals to ensure legal compliance. This step is crucial to avoid legal complications and to secure the necessary permissions for connecting the system to the grid.

4. Installation:

Once the permits are in hand, we can ship you a customized kit and instructions for installation! Just follow the resources we have provided and you should have minimal issues getting your kit up and running.

5. Inspection & Connection:

The last step in the process is to arrange for a professional inspection to validate the setup and then connect it to the grid. This final step is crucial to ensure the safety and efficacy of the newly installed solar system.

Section 3: The Compelling Benefits of DIY Solar Kits

3.1 Cost Savings:

Installing solar from a kit circumvents the middlemen and excessive costs, rendering substantial savings. In fact, we save our customers 40% on average compared to traditional solar installers! This cost-effectiveness makes solar energy a more accessible and appealing option for a broader audience, catalyzing the shift towards renewable energy.

3.2 Control & Customization:

DIY solar kits provide unparalleled control over the design, positioning, and scale of your solar project. This control enables customization to meet unique energy needs and preferences, optimizing the solar installation to suit individual lifestyles and consumption patterns.

3.3 Transparency:

Going the DIY route offers clear insights into every aspect of your solar installation, from the components to the costs involved. This transparency eliminates hidden fees or unexpected costs, building trust in the process and the technology.

3.4 Satisfaction & Empowerment:

There is immense satisfaction in creating something valuable with your own hands. Installing solar panels yourself brings a sense of accomplishment and empowerment, enhancing the overall experience of transitioning to solar energy.

3.5 Ecological Impact:

Besides the personal benefits, opting for solar energy is a conscious step towards environmental conservation. It reduces reliance on fossil fuels, mitigating carbon emissions and fostering a healthier, more sustainable planet.


DIY solar panel kits are not just a cost-effective alternative; they are a symbol of empowerment, sustainability, and innovation. They make solar energy more approachable, transparent, and customizable, enabling more people to contribute to a cleaner, greener future.

By understanding, implementing, and experiencing the process, homeowners can truly appreciate the value and potential of solar energy, pushing the boundaries of renewable energy adoption.

If your interested in going green with a solar kit, reach out to us today!

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