No One Likes Talking to Sales Bros: Why Text-Based Solar Quotes are the Future

August 29, 2023

Let's face it; no one enjoys the stereotypical, high-pressure sales pitch, especially when it comes to significant investments like solar panel installations.

Sales tactics have evolved, but the essence of discomfort in dealing with salespeople remains the same. This discomfort stems from a combination of factors: pressure tactics, information asymmetry, and a general inclination to research independently before making a decision.

At DIY Solar, we understand this dynamic well. That's why we're revolutionizing the way you shop for solar—by texting you to get you a solar quote and letting you decide on your terms.

The Age-Old Problem of Pressure Tactics

For years, the solar industry has been plagued with 'Sales Bros' employing high-pressure tactics to close a deal. It's not uncommon for them to employ manipulative approaches like scarcity ("Act now, or you'll miss this incredible deal!") or to overstate the benefits of going solar.

Nobody likes to be pushed into making a decision, especially one as critical and long-term as installing solar panels. This pressure often leaves customers feeling rushed and unsatisfied, leading to buyer's remorse.

The Challenge of Information Asymmetry

Salespeople, inherently, know more about the product they're selling than you do. This creates an information gap, a condition known as "information asymmetry," where you may feel like the underdog in the conversation. Many people have fallen victim to accepting a suboptimal deal simply because they didn't know any better.

By providing you with a detailed, text-based quote, we aim to bridge that information gap. You'll get all the essential information you need—system size, estimated savings, investment costs, and return on investment—right in the palm of your hand, without any sales pressure.

The Rise of Independent Research

Today's consumers are savvy. With the wealth of information available online, from product reviews to instructional videos, people prefer to do their homework before talking to a salesperson. According to surveys, a significant majority of buyers would rather gather information online than speak with a company representative.

Why Text-Based Quotes are the Future

We've listened to your needs and are excited to introduce text-based solar quotes. Here’s why this approach is better:


Who has the time for lengthy sales calls these days? Text-based quotes mean you can review the information at your own pace, without having to set aside time for a call.

No Pressure

Since you're not on the phone with a salesperson, you can take your time to digest the information and make an informed decision without feeling pressured.


Our text-based quotes lay out everything clearly. This minimizes the chance of misunderstandings or hidden charges that can sometimes occur in verbal transactions.

Engagement on Your Terms

If you have questions or need clarification, you can easily text back. It's an interactive process, but it happens on your schedule.


Say goodbye to pushy sales tactics, information asymmetry, and the outdated approach of voice-based sales calls. Say hello to the future of solar sales—text-based quotes that empower you to make informed decisions at your own pace.

At DIY Solar, we believe in respecting your time, intelligence, and independence. Fill out our quoting form and we will text you soon!

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