Inflation Sucks! Solar Locks in Your Energy Prices

July 29, 2023

Death, taxes, and inflation.

Unfortunately, these seem to be the only certainties in life right now.

But what can you do about it?! Just mope around and spit on a picture of Jerome Powell I guess.

Inflation hurts everyone
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Turns out, you can do something about it, and we will teach you how.

But first, an interesting story for you.


When I was a wee-lad, I lived next to a sweet old lady who had grandkids visit a few times a year. One of her sons worked for the air force and had been stationed in Germany for a while.

I was close friends with his daughters and they would tell me interesting things about their time living abroad.

One thing they told me, which has stuck with me to today, was how you could lock in your energy prices in Germany. Specifically, you could lock in your gasoline prices for a small fee, and then purchase gas for your car at that price for a year. Pretty cool!

Of course, if you made the wrong bet and the prices went down afterwards, you had to keep on paying at the higher price for a period of time.

But here’s the thing. In a world of inflation and geopolitical uncertainty, you can almost be sure that energy prices are going to go up over time. And they certainly have these last couple of years!

So what can you do living here in the good-ol’ USofA?

You can lock in your energy prices now by purchasing solar!

Here is an analogy to help explain what I mean...

Renting vs Buying a House

When you rent a home, you often have a 12 month contract where your rental price is locked in. It provides stability month-to-month and allows you to plan.

However, when the contract is up for renewal, this gives a chance for the landlord to up the prices which might put you in a position where you need to move.

Across the United States, rental prices in almost every zip code have been on the rise for the last 10 years.

In our home state of Utah, rental prices have increased about 15% each year for the last two years!

But you know what doesn’t increase over time? A mortgage payment.

When you buy a home, you lock in your cost of having shelter forever.

What you pay to your mortgage company each month doesn’t increase over time, and you know exactly what to plan for for years to come.

As long as you stay in your home, inflation can’t touch you.

You are sitting as chill as a sloth on weed.

Solar puts you at peace
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So how do you do this for energy prices?

Solar Locks in Your Price

When you buy solar, your price is locked in at the time you buy it. Whether you buy it outright or finance it, it’s all the same.

Your neighbor’s energy bill will likely go up with inflation, but you are set my friend.

This can turn into really big savings for you over time.

Let’s assume that you financed your solar panels and are paying $120 per month over ten years. In 90% of cases, you are paying less than you would from your normal power bill right off the bat. FROM DAY 1!

With inflation, by year 10 you could easily be paying half of what you would normally be paying. And after the loan is paid in full? Free energy baby!

That’s a really good return on your money.

In fact, if you buy solar at a decent price, you are often getting a better return than if you invested that money in the stock market!

It’s true.

I’ve spent my whole career as a professional investor and I tell you all about it in this article (The ROI on Solar is Better Than the Stock Market).

How DIY Solar Can Help

As mentioned, however, the key is getting solar at the right price.

You might think that solar is like buying a new car. A new car will sell for about the same price no matter where you go, plus or minus 5%.

With solar, it’s different.

Quotes from traditional solar companies can swing up or down by 15% or more, all for the same equipment.

But what if I told you that you could get solar for way cheaper? Like, 50% cheaper?

Solar that is actually affordable
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Sorry, I know that was a bit cheesy, but I’m serious!

With DIY Solar, we give you the materials, engineering, and design you need to install solar yourself, saving you close to 50% off of traditional solar quotes.

Think of it this way. More than half of the costs of a traditional solar quote are in “soft costs”. These are middlemen and other providers who need to get a slice of the pie.

By finding DIY Solar, you are essentially selling to yourself (saving the rep commission) and installing yourself (saving the BIG install expense).

So what do you do now?

Start by getting a free quote from us, check out our other blog posts, and contact us if you have any questions!

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