Why YOU Should Install Solar Yourself in 2023

July 29, 2023

“Wait, I can install solar myself?!”

Yes, you can and you should! (cue GIF of Homer’s head exploding)

I didn't know I could install my own solar
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Welcome to 2023, where the archaic solar companies of the past don’t have control over your destiny any more.

DIY Solar helps you get the materials, engineering, and designs you need so you can install solar yourself. Something that was once very difficult is now easily accessible in the digital age.

“But... why would I want to do that?”

Man, your questions are on point. That’s exactly what we are here to talk about in this article!

Though there are many, we will only focus on the top reasons why you should install yourself: the cost savings, the control/transparency, and the satisfaction of building.

1. Cost Savings

When we talk about cost savings, we aren’t talking about your grandma using a coupon to get 10% off of prune juice.

We are talking BIG savings, anywhere from 40-65% cheaper than traditional solar.

That’s a lot of chedda’!

We can provide solar for such great prices because we cut out the middlemen and extra costs associated with traditional solar companies.

The solar industry as a whole is overly complex, making it more expensive for you.

There are door-to-door sales teams, brokers, dealers, wholesalers, and installers, all of whom need their slice of the pie as they pass your deal from one person, to the next, to the next, to the next.

Did you know that door-to-door sales reps get anywhere from $2k to $5k off of your sale alone?

Did you also know that in most cases these reps aren’t even officially associated with the actual solar company they are selling for? They are just part of a specialized sales force that only focus on the sale and will then pass your deal to the actual solar company for a fee.

Traditional solar companies suck
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This is because it is very common for companies in the solar industry to only specialize in one thing and then sell your deal to the next guy.

One other crazy fact for you. The install usually accounts for 35% of your total system cost according to SolarReviews! That means $10k on average!!

So if you decide to go with us, you’ll save $4k on the rep’s commission (because you sold to yourself) and $10k+ on the install cost (because you installed yourself).

With some other middlemen taken out as well, you’re looking at only spending $18k for a 10kW system vs $35k with traditional solar companies.

Plus, you’ll get an additional 30% off (bringing it down to $13k) with the federal incentives that apply to DIY Solar as well!

What a wonderful, modern world we live in—free from barbaric and bloated solar companies.

2. Control/Transparency

Call me a control freak, but I kind of like to know what’s going on when I’m investing thousands of dollars into solar.

Unfortunately, traditional solar companies don’t like to give you control in the process.

You won’t have much of a say in the materials, the timeline, or the configuration, let alone being able to see the other options that our out there.

That’s because solar companies are only representing themselves, never encouraging you to look outside their walls. You’re also just one sale of thousands, giving them no leeway to allow you to have a say in the process.

There is also a lack of transparency in traditional solar.

You don’t know who your deal is getting passed onto. You don’t know how well the system was installed. You don’t know if they are using good materials. And you don’t know what’s going into your cost.

Contrast all this with the modern age of solar. You can shop around, know your options, and install a system yourself, knowing it was done right and on your terms.

And for some people, this lack of control or transparency isn’t that important. But to us DIY’ers, it’s something we crave.

3. Satisfaction

My grandpa always said, “If you aren’t working with brick or lumber, then what the hell are you doing with your life?”.

Well... he didn’t actually say that, but it has some truth!

Us humans get immense satisfaction out of building with our own two hands. It’s an evolutionary trait that pushed us to invent new devices to make life better, giving us a better chance of passing on our genes.

DIY is the way to go
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This holds even more true today as many of us are in jobs that have us glued to our computers and phones. Because of this, the rare opportunities we get to work with our hands brings even greater satisfaction.

And we aren’t going to lie. There might be points in the process of you installing solar where you are going to feel a little frustrated. But once you solve the problem, you are going to be feeling pretty great about yourself.

Your partner might even notice and think “That’s hot!”

Can’t make any promises, but it’s not unlikely.

Wrapping it Up

The cost savings, control/transparency, and satisfaction that comes with installing solar yourself are only a few of the benefits out there.

DIY Solar is here to help you attain all of this by giving you the materials, engineering, and designs to install solar yourself.

Start by getting a free solar quote with us, shop around, and consider letting us help you into the wonderful and modern world of DIY solar. You won’t regret it.

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