Best Priced Solar in Arizona

Save up to 40% compared to other solar companies!

About DIY Solar

We get rid of the solar sales bros and middlemen that make traditional solar so expensive!

By being a direct-to-consumer, internet-based company, we can get you a customized solar system that matches your needs for 40% less than the other guys.

We also provide you with two installation options: DIY or full install.

DIY Option - Best Price

Our DIY option is for those who like to work with their hands and save the change!

We provide you a customized solar kit and instructions so you can do it all yourself.

And yes, it is both legal and you qualify for federal tax credits!

Full Install Option - Best Value

For those who play things safe, we also offer a full install option through our trusted partners!

That way, you can have a hands-off experience and still save yourself the sales bro commission and the other middlemen who markup prices.

Why Arizonans Love DIY Solar

Arizona is one of the sunniest states with abundant renewable energy resources to be captured. And with crazy high electricity prices in the summer, it simply makes sense to install solar and save!

With the introduction of DIY Solar, more Arizonans can now afford solar that wouldn't otherwise be able to!

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FREE Lion Prowler Power Bank

$49 Value
Lion Energy Prowler Power Bank
When you pay your deposit within 5 days of receiving your quote.  (Learn more)

FREE Lion Summit Power Generator

$499 Value
When you pay in full within 30 days of making your deposit.  (Learn more)
Our solar equipment is top quality

Quality Equipment

Same equipment as the more expensive guys with the same 25 year warranty.

Our DIY solar kits are easy to install

Easy Install

We offer both DIY and full install options so you have the control and flexibility you need.

Save money with DIY Solar

BIG Savings

We cut out the door knockers and middlemen, allowing you to get solar you can actually afford!