DIY Solar Panel Kits

Installing your own solar from a kit is becoming more and more popular across the United States! Learn about this new, more affordable option.

One thing solar sales bros will never tell you is that you can install solar yourself.

Why don't they mention it? Because they will lose their giant commission!

More and more Americans are finding out that they can install their own solar from a kit.

Here's what you should know:

Why Install From a Kit?

The main reason you should consider installing your own solar from a kit is price!

Solar panel kits can often be 40% less than the price of traditional full install.

This is because you cut out the solar sales bro and their giant commission, the middlemen who jack up prices, and the install crews with their margin.

The other reason why you should install your own solar from a kit is the transparency and control you get over the process.

Solar companies and salesmen will always be hiding important information so they can get the sale, including giving you a bigger system size than you might actually need.

When you do it yourself, the power is in your hands! (no pun intended)

Finally, it is just nice to work with your hands, am I right?! Build a solar system that powers your home is very satisfying.

Process of Full Install

This is what our process looks like:

  1. We analyze your home energy consumption and potential future needs to determine the optimal system size.
  2. We have you send us pictures of the outside of your home (to help with the engineering and design work).
  3. We get your custom engineering and design work done, known as a "solar plan set".
  4. You take this plan set and present it to your city and/or utility company for permits.
  5. Once you have the permits in hand, we ship your kit!
  6. With our video resources and line diagrams in hand, you can install your kit.
  7. The last step is an inspection from your city and/or utility company to make sure it is all good to go!

With other solar kit providers, you will get the equipment, but that is pretty much it.

We help you through the whole cycle, so you don't have to worry about the annoying details!

Next Steps

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