Free Customization for Solar Project

Let us do the calculations for you! Number of panels and preliminary design done for you for free!

Not sure how many solar panels you will need for your DIY solar project?

No need to worry! We've got you covered, 100% free.

Steps in our process

  1. View your most recent power bill and analyze the last 12 months of usage.
  2. Look at the average sun exposure in your area.
  3. Analyze and trees or other shading objects near your home.
  4. Calculate a custom system size, including the number of panels needed and a preliminary design.

Why are we doing this for free?

We are offering this to all DIY'ers so you can see our incredible service, low prices, and the amazing equipment we use for our DIY solar kits!

We think you will be impressed and will choose to go solar with us because of it.

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Quality Equipment

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