How can I install solar myself?

Thinking of installing solar panels yourself? With DIY Solar's guide and kits, it's easier than you think. Start your sustainable journey today!

The solar installation process has a few key steps:

  1. Get solar engineering and design work customized to your home.
  2. Get permits from your city and utility company.
  3. Procure the equipment (or buy from a kit with us).
  4. Install the racking system.
  5. Install the panels.
  6. Install the invertors.
  7. Run wiring from the panels to the inverters and then from the inverters to your main electrical panel.
  8. Connect to main electrical panels (have this done by a professional!)
  9. Inspection from the city or utility company.
  10. Interconnection and activation of your system.

How DIY Solar helps

With DIY Solar, we take care of getting you a customized solar kit that matches your home energy needs.

From there, we help you through the steps of getting the proper permitting and shipping you a kit that you can install yourself.

Why would you want install solar yourself?

Because you're not Jeff Bezos with huge piles of money to give to solar sales bros or installers!

Start by filling out the form so we can help you on your solar installation journey.

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