What is the process with DIY Solar?

We help you get up and running with solar as fast as you can move!

If you've been considering going green with solar, you probably only recently discovered that you can install your own solar and save thousands! (A little known secret of the solar industry)

As one of the few companies that offer a DIY solar install option, we wanted to explain to you a little bit about our process.

1. Get a quote

Start by getting a quote with us! During this process we will help you find the ideal system size that matches your needs and budget.

2. Pay a deposit

You then submit a small deposit which pays for your engineering and design work to get done and the deposit will be applied towards your total price.

3. Site pictures

In order to get your engineering and design work done, we need to take and submit several pictures of your property.

4. Engineering and design

We work with a specialized solar engineering firm to get it done correctly.

5. Permits

You then take this plan set and submit it to your city and/or utility company to get approval (can take a few weeks to get approved).

6. Pay final invoice

Once you submit your final payment, we will ship you your customized solar kit!

7. Install

We provide you installation guides and videos to help you get the system up and running correctly! And if self-install is too daunting for you, don't worry, we have a network of installers who can do it for you.

Get Started

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FREE Lion Prowler Power Bank

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Lion Energy Prowler Power Bank
When you pay your deposit within 5 days of receiving your quote.  (Learn more)

FREE Lion Summit Power Generator

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Our solar equipment is top quality

Quality Equipment

Same equipment as the more expensive guys with the same 25 year warranty.

Our DIY solar kits are easy to install

Easy Install

We offer both DIY and full install options so you have the control and flexibility you need.

Save money with DIY Solar

BIG Savings

We cut out the door knockers and middlemen, allowing you to get solar you can actually afford!