Building a Solar Company for the Modern World

July 29, 2023

Welcome to the dawn of a new era in solar power! Say goodbye to pushy door-to-door salesmen and exorbitant prices, and say hello to DIY Solar—the solar company built for the modern age.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the antiquated ways of the traditional solar industry and showcase why we created DIY Solar to revolutionize the way solar is done.

The Antiquated Solar Industry

Remember those relentless door-to-door solar sales bros, armed with their persuasive pitches and inflated prices?

The traditional solar companies of the past thrived on these outdated tactics. They would knock on your door, invade your personal space, and pressure you into making hasty decisions.

It was an era when consumers had limited options and were left at the mercy of middlemen, which only drove up the costs further.

The worst part is, this is still happening! Every summer, door-to-door solar sales bros go out in their thousands across the United States trying to get you to buy solar the old way.

DIY Solar: A Breath of Fresh Air

Fast forward to the present, and we find ourselves in the digital age—a time when consumers have the power to make informed decisions and cut through the noise.

Yet, the solar industry has been slow to catch up...

Enter DIY Solar, the disruptor that's revolutionizing the industry. Rather than chasing down customers, we have embraced the online realm, allowing people to discover us at their own pace, without any pressure or hassle.

Choice and Customization

At DIY Solar, we understand that each customer has unique requirements and preferences. That's why we offer customized solar panel kits that empower you to design your very own solar energy system. Gone are the days of being oversold a system size you didn’t need.

Installation Options

DIY Solar empowers you to install your own solar, reducing the total cost significantly compared to traditional options!

But what if you're not the handy type or simply prefer to leave the installation to the experts?

We've got you covered! DIY Solar provides the flexibility of choosing between self-installation or professional installation through our trusted partners. Our installation network consists of highly skilled technicians who can ensure your solar panels are set up safely and efficiently.

The power is in your hands, quite literally!

Affordability at Its Finest

One of the biggest advantages of DIY Solar is our commitment to affordability.

By cutting out the middlemen and removing the need for door-to-door sales teams, we can offer our products at competitive prices. We believe that solar power should be accessible to all, and we're determined to make it happen. No longer do you need to empty your bank account or take out a second mortgage to embrace renewable energy—DIY Solar makes it possible without breaking the bank.

Respectful Salesmanship

We understand that making a decision as significant as investing in solar energy requires careful consideration.

That's why our team of sales professionals follows a different approach—one that respects your time and decision-making process. We won't pester you with endless phone calls or bombard your inbox with aggressive emails.

Instead, our knowledgeable representatives are available to answer your questions, provide guidance, and support you whenever you're ready. No pressure, just helpful insights.


If solar has ever been on your radar, consider us as the antithesis of everything you hated about traditional solar companies.

Control, affordability, and respect.

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